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Collectively, our dedicated employees and technicians offer over 100 years of experience.  Schaeffer’s Piano Company enjoys the most notable reputation in the area for our meticulous attention to detail, and our expert technique in repairing all types of pianos

Whether you are searching for a beautifully restored used piano, or have an older, but treasured family heirloom, you wish to bring back to life; we can provide what you need at a fair and reasonable price.  For four generations, Schaeffer’s Piano Company has been the only Master Steinway Piano Rebuilder in the area.

Here are some tips to judge the condition of your piano to determine if restoration or repair is needed:

  •     Signs of a dark, oil-like solution around the pinblock

  •     Uneven keys or keyboard

  •     Damage caused by dryness/dampness to the wood and veneer

  •     Visible cracks in the soundboard

  •     Buzzing or ringing noises

Call us at 301-424-1144 to schedule an appointment for a complete piano survey to assess the condition of your valued instrument

Some of our satisfied
customers include:

Madiera School
Sidwell Friends School
St. Ann’s Catholic Church
Georgetown University
St. Stephens/St. Agnes School
Embassy of Peru
The Library of Congress
Our Many Happy Customers in the Maryland, DC and Virginia Areas

Piano Tuning Services

Schaeffer’s Piano Company has complete, professional tuning department on staff. We employ only the best and most experienced tuning technicians. They are skilled not only in the mechanics of precise piano tuning, but also in taking special care when working on your valuable musical instrument.

The modern piano is designed to an A-440 pitch, this is considered to be the international standard. Our piano tuning technicians will ensure that your instrument remains true to its pitch. We will come to your home, at a time during the week that is convenient for you, to make this process as easy for you as we can.

Excellent piano maintenance is extremely important to keep your asset in top working order. A piano should be tuned regularly to keep it in excellent playing condition. In general, we recommend tuning your piano two times per year, but that may vary depending on the condition or age of the piano, and how it is stored. Changes in temperature and humidity can greatly effect the tune quality of your instrument, so it is best to maintain a consistant climate in your home. If possible, place your piano near or alongside an inside wall, and keep it away from direct sunlight. Should you have questions about piano placement or temperature or humidity, please ask your Schaeffer piano tuner.

Schaeffer’s Piano Company tunes and services pianos located in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. We are located in Rockville, Maryland on 105 North Stonestreet Avenue, right next to the Rockville Metro Station. We have reserved parking for our customers.

Piano Moving

Schaeffer’s Piano Company has a complete in-house piano moving department.  All of our movers are insured, licensed and bonded, and we never use contract labor for local moves.  Each of our movers and drivers has been trained to guarantee safe and efficient transport and handling of your musical instrument.  Our movers are experts in properly loading pianos of all types on our trucks, padding and securing your valuable merchandise, driving safely, and unloading pianos of all types.  Our movers are also fully trained in the assembly and appropriate placement of your instrument in your home.  They are proficient in the care of piano parts and pieces and will insure that your piano is assembled properly without damage.

Did you know that not all locations in a home are suitable for piano placement?  Consult with our piano moving experts to ensure that your beautiful instrument will remain in good repair over the long term, and will not experience the tuning irregularities, slowly warping wood, or other problems that go along with inappropriate placement.

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